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Our criteria for vetting in-home care
agancies in the UP

At the CIP, we are very particular about the agencies we feel good recommending—because we know how important it is to work with a care provider that is compassionate, professional, and ethical.

All of the agencies listed on our vetted agencies page must meet the following criteria, having the business model and capacity to:

  • Prevent no-shows
  • Eliminate the late arrivals and early departures of caregivers, ensure caregiver breaks that take place outside the home are not excessively long
  • Have an emergency contact available 24/7/365 that has the authority to solve caregiver and care receiver issues in an expeditious manner
  • Offer robust mentoring programs for new caregivers
  • Provide caregivers client history prior to the first visit to ensure safety and preparedness
  • Provide a regular, predictable pay schedule (e.g. every other Friday)
  • Match the skills of the caregiver to the needs of the cared for
  • Maintain a welcoming, respectful and rewarding working relationship with all employees
  • Ensure transparency of wages and career path to include pay raises for employees