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Frequently asked questions

I am new to caregiving, where do I start?

Caregiving can be overwhelming, especially when you’re starting out. Take a deep breath! Then tackle one task at a time. Look for resources in your community—including our free resources here at the CIP!—and/or contact one of our team members.

How much does a Caregiver Academy training cost?

It doesn’t cost you a penny! Part of our mission is to incentivize new and seasoned caregivers by providing a $150 stipend for completing our 15-hour course. View our upcoming and previous trainings here.

Do you provide caregivers and/or help caregivers find work?

We are not a care providing agency; however, we do have resources available to help you, including a list of carefully vetted partner agencies we trust.  We would be more than happy to initiate introductions and assist as best we can. Please learn more about becoming a caregiver or contact us directly.

Why should I care about the caregiver shortage?

Simply put, this crisis WILL affect you and your loved ones. The question is not if but when. There are so many situations in which your family could need a caregiver, whether from aging, an accident, or the birth of a differently abled child. If we don’t join together to address this crisis now, it will impact you. At the CIP, we want to make sure that impact is positive—not negative. Learn more about the caregiver shortage problem and please consider donating to support us today.

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