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The CIP is not a care agency or in-home care provider; we’re instead a creator of caregivers.

However, we do offer support services to help families in Marquette, the UP, and elsewhere in Michigan who are looking to hire a trusted caregiver. We’d love to help you!

Care close to home

One-on-one support for your family’s unique caregiving needs

Finding a qualified caregiver in the UP can be challenging, especially at a time when there is a shortage of qualified caregivers nationwide. If you or a loved one are exploring in-home care, a Care Close to Home rep from the CIP can help you assess your needs and identify resources to help.

Once you’ve made the decision to hire an in-home care provider, we can help you identify potential caregivers through our network of contacts with local agencies, resources, and individuals in your neighborhood.

Start by exploring our free resources below, and then fill out our contact form to get connected with a Care Close to Home specialist.

Need help with in-home care? Start with our free resources!

Looking for helpful resources about in-home care, senior care, or any other type of caregiving in the UP? The CIP has truckloads!

Start with these resources to help you navigate the process of finding, vetting, and hiring an in-home caregiver:

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At the CIP, we know how draining and even demoralizing it can be to try and navigate the complex caregiving industry. If you’re feeling frustrated, confused, or out of options, you aren’t alone. Let’s sit down at your kitchen table and talk!

Did you know? The CIP helps to not only identify current caregivers but also to screen, train, and mentor new caregivers. We want to end the national shortage and ensure quality care for all.