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Videos from CIP team members, volunteers & supporters

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We’re so grateful for your interest in the work we do. Please watch the videos below to hear from a wide variety of people—all of whom are somehow impacted by the need for in-home care in the Upper Peninsula and beyond.

You are welcome to download these videos and use them in your own trainings, meetings, or advocacy efforts. You can also contact us about partnership!

Voices of caregivers & the cared for

Caregiving is an act that changes people’s lives, whether they do it for a short time or as a long-term career. Hear from some of the caregivers we’ve had the privilege of knowing over the years and then learn about becoming a caregiver!

CIP Scholarship Awardee Makayla

Dorothy's Journey

Voices of Caregivers – Teddy

Voices of Caregivers – Rachel

Voices of Caregivers – Haley

Voices of Caregivers – Penny

Voices of Caregivers – Shea

Voices of Caregivers – Tracy

Voices of Caregivers – Kara

Voices of Caregivers – Shenae

Videos about the CIP mission & team

Meet Eric Paad, founder of the Caregiver Incentive Project!

Caregiver Incentive Project – Believe In Your Abilities

Receiving Care When Your Parents Are Gone

Living vs. Existing: Do You Know the Difference?

Voices of the Cared for – Jocelyn, Dorothy & Molly

Kaylee Explains How the Caregiving Industry Is Broken

Dorothy's Experience with Moving Mountains Adaptive Program

There Is a Critical Shortage of In-Home Caregiver

Meet Dorothy Paad – NMU Theatre & Dance

NMU Dance Instructor Jill Shares Her Experience

Meet Dorothy Paad – NMU Theatre & Dance

Tips & training for caregiving & nonprofits

10 Things That Make a Good Caregiver

Eric on Tomorrow's Talent Series

The Michigan Tech Center for Educational Outreach interviewed Eric about what it’s like to run a nonprofit like the CIP.

Eric Takes Us Through a Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Leader

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