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Help us make caregiving better for everyone.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the CIP can’t operate without donations. Thank you for helping us improve in-home care in the UP and beyond!

You make an impact

Your generosity makes caregiving better for the caregivers and the cared for!

By donating to the CIP, you are allowing us to:

  • Provide free training to prospective caregivers
  • Create free resources for people who need care and people who want to give care
  • Award scholarships and grants to students who are committed to working as in-home caregivers
  • Hire experts to sit down with families who need help navigating the caregiving industry

Right now, there are simply not enough caregivers to meet the growing need. And we will all need care someday!

Your donation will help solve the crisis before it affects your friends and family.

We appreciate your donation and put every penny to good use.

We appreciate your donation and put every penny to good use.

The CIP team is committed to improving the caregiving system because we live it each and every day.

When you donate to us, we promise to treat your funds with care:

  • Every single dollar goes to our mission.
  • We’re a grassroots organization with no overhead.
  • We always strive to put funds back into the communities from which they came.
  • We’re completely transparent! Contact us any time to see what we’re doing or how we’re using donations.

The CIP understands the problem from a deeply personal level and has a solution.

All we need is your support to make it happen!

Yes! I want to make an impact with the CIP.

Individual donations are combined with grant funding to allow the CIP to continue operating. We prioritize reinvesting all donations into the communities from which they came.


Want to contribute in other ways? We’d love that.


Volunteer at Caregiver Academy or contribute your skills in other ways. We’re always open to help!

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We’re always looking for sponsors and partners. If your organization would like to join us, let’s talk.

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Help us bring more awareness to the problem within your personal and professional networks.

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