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Free resources for caregivers & the cared for

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Scroll down the page for free caregiving resources that you can read, download, and watch. We invite you share these resources with anyone who might need them!

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I am looking for or hiring a caregiver.

If your family is looking for in-home care or senior care in Marquette County or the rest of the Upper Peninsula, the CIP is here to help!

We have decades of personal and professional experience navigating in-home care in the UP. We know first-hand how complex, frustrating, and broken the caregiving industry is, and we’ll help you navigate it.

We are not a care provider but rather a creator of qualified caregivers. You cannot hire a caregiver through us, but we can equip you with the knowledge and network to find someone trustworthy and qualified.


I am or want to become a caregiver.

Are you interested in pursuing caregiving as a part-time job, a full-time job, or an informal arrangement for a family member? You are in the right place!

The CIP’s entire mission revolves around training, empowering, and celebrating caregivers like you. We are advocating for system-wide change to improve working conditions, wages, and certifications—and at the same time, we support individual caregivers in every way we can.

Explore our resources to see how we can support you through training, industry connections, or educational funding.

You're invited

Attend free caregiver training

Whether you are new to the caregiving industry or would like some additional resources and support for your current career, you’re welcome at the CIP!

We offer caregiver training in small groups and at multiple levels of experience. Informal caregivers are always welcome, too.

View our upcoming classes and register to attend for free.

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