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Caregiving is...

An issue that affects us all. A career that deserves to be uplifted. The difference between living and existing. A liiftime of companionship. Something we'll all need someday.

The CIP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports in-home caregivers and those in need of care throughout the UP. From caregiver training classes to one-on-one support, we’re working to improve caregiving for everyone.

Who we’re for

How can we help you?

Become a caregiver

I want to learn more about becoming a n in-home caregiver as a career, a part-time job or an informal arrangement for a loved one.

Get help

I need help finding a trusted caregiver and navigating the in-home care industry in Marquette County/
the Upper peninsula

Get involved

I would like to donate financial resources, volunteer my time/expertise, or contribute to the work of the CIP in another way.

We envision a world where everyone who needs care can find a trusted caregiver and where every caregiver is well trained, celebrated, and respected.

Our why

Because the caregiving industry is broken, and we deserve better.

The CIP exists for one reason: to do everything we can to raise the standard and quality of in-home caregiving in Marquette County—with plans of reaching the entire United States!

Caregiving is a multi-billion-dollar industry, but it’s one that so often fails the caregiver and the cared for. Too few people are choosing this career path, and we’re now facing a national shortage of caregivers. This affects the UP of Michigan especially, where we have more elderly people living at home per capita than anywhere else in the country.

When you or your loved ones need care, don’t you want a system that works? Please join us in fixing a broken system!

We stand against an industry that:

Cares more about maximizing profits than taking care of people 

Sends untrained contractors to care for your loved ones 

Leaves caregivers without a decent wage or growth opportunities

What we do

We care for the caregivers and the cared for.

The CIP has a deep connection to caregiving that can only come from decades of lived experience. We know what it’s like to be at your wit’s end searching for a caregiver you can actually trust. And we’ve seen firsthand how poorly many caregivers are treated by their employers.

We say, “Enough is enough.” It’s time to fix the broken system!

We advocate for both sides of the caregiving equation across the Upper Peninsula:

For both caregivers and the cared for, we also offer expert resources to guide you and help you advocate for yourself.

Our Pillars

We support better caregiving across the UP.
One person at a time.


Educate the public and raise awareness of the national shortage of caregivers and the effect on us all.


Establish a higher standard of training and certification for entry-level in-home caregivers.


Provide scholarships and grants to encourage more people to become caregivers.

Our Story

Meet our inspiration, Dorothy!

The CIP was founded by Eric Paad, who continues to serve as the CIP President and Executive Director. Eric’s daughter Dorothy is a spokeswoman for the CIP and is an inspiration for us, our volunteers, and our supporters.

As someone who has a disability and requires in-home care, Dorothy understands the difference that quality caregivers make, helping their clients live rather than just exist. She is passionate in her desire to advocate for people with special needs—and their caregivers.

Get to know Dorothy and the rest of the CIP team.

What is caregiving?

Caregiving is never one-size-fits-all.

There are hundreds of ways to give care, and every situation is unique.

Whether you need help finding a trusted caregiver or would like to pursue caregiving as a potential career path, the CIP is here to help you understand the caregiving landscape, dispel common myths, and get the critical information you need.

Caregiver Training

View our upcoming classes and workshops.

We offer regular caregiver trainings for people of all ages, backgrounds, and life circumstances. Many of our students are looking to begin careers as full-time caregivers, while others are looking to gain a foundation of caregiving knowledge as they prepare to look after a loved one in the home.

We also offer custom training for organizations, churches, and businesses. If you’d like to fill an entire class, contact us and we’ll happily create a program just for you.

View our upcoming classes and register to attend for free!

Better Together

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