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Our vision, mission & focus

Our vision

To end the national shortage of qualified in-home caregivers

Our mission

Our mission is to educate the public regarding this crisis, provide financial incentives in the way of scholarships and/or stipends, and provide training for new caregivers. We believe this will encourage individuals to become in-home caregivers.

We are working closely with established agencies that serve disabled individuals, the elderly, medically fragile individuals, and others requiring in-home care.

Our focus

Our focus is to increase the number of in-home care givers regardless of academic or career experience.

Our intent is to increase the number of in-home caregivers by providing cost-free training and incentivizing individuals to work in this field by providing scholarships and grants, stipends, and potential student debt repayment matching funds.

Our initial effort is to work with high schools, colleges and universities to establish intern programs for students regardless of their chosen program of study. The internship placement will further enhance programs of study in fields such as, but not limited to, medical, social work, education, and clergy by providing “real life” experiences prior to entering those career fields. The program will provide cost-free training for working as an in-home caregiver and incentives in the form of grants and scholarships based on the amount of time an individual works as an in-home caregiver.

College students choosing to use their earnings to pay off their student debt may also qualify, upon application, to receive matching funds to be used toward their student debt.

Our Approach

How we plan to do it


Educate the public and raise awareness of the national shortage of caregivers and the effect on us all.


Establish a higher standard of training and certification for entry-level in-home caregivers.


Provide scholarships and grants to encourage more people to become caregivers.

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